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Apr 26 2007

How Safe Is Our Food?

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  With the “spinach scare” fresh in our memory from last fall, the pet food tragedy ongoing and now the possibility of our own food supply being affected, many of us are wondering… safe is our food? Why is pet food not being manufactured under our laws and safety regulations ? When the U.S. Health […]

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Apr 24 2007

Six Weeks Until Swim Suit Season!

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10 Things That You Can Do Now To Prepare For This Season It’s almost here! Memorial Day Weekend for me has always signaled the beginning of summer. Every year many of us say that this year will be different, we will be wearing shorts, sun dresses and swim suits with self confidence and comfort. As […]

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Apr 17 2007

Feel Full and Lose Weight!

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Many people believe eating healthy involves eating less food. A paradigm shift to this thinking is focusing on healthy foods that contain fewer calories in order to feel more satisfied. This principle may actually lead toward eating a larger quantity. In the 1990’s Dean Ornish wrote Eat More Weigh Less. His book focuses on […]

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Apr 11 2007

Take Care of Your Sweet Tooth

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Desserts… of the pleasures of life. For many of us, large portions of dessert can spike blood sugar, raise cholesterol and pack on the pounds. This can lead to feelings of guilt, overindulgence, and a possible binge. Here are a few tips that help me make healthy choices when it comes to sweets: Focus on […]

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Apr 03 2007

Herbal Teas

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Instead of high calorie beverages that are full of sugar, try herbal teas! Serve them either hot or cold. On a cool evening when I feel like having a snack, sometimes a cup of herbal tea can make me feel like I have treated myself to something special! Put it your favorite coffee mug or […]

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