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Jun 27 2007

Berry Good

For many of us strawberry season is almost or completely over. However, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry season are on their way! Berries may be my all time favorite fruit (although I love them all). Have you ever thought about what makes berries their deep red, blue or purple color? The plant compound anthocyamins provides berries […]

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Jun 22 2007

Running Out of “Steam” This Afternoon?

This week I have been so sleepy after lunch. Have you? Many of us have felt this way at one time or another and generally we do one of two things 1. Eat a sugary snack that gives us a quick boost of energy, which causes a quick rise, and fall of blood sugar and […]

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Jun 13 2007

Slips, Setbacks, Relapses and Collapses

After getting back from a road trip to celebrate my grandmother’s 95th birthday, it was a big reminder to me how summer vacations and celebrations can be a challenge. I have to admit that I had my share of birthday cake and was even treated to my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time “Mexican Villa”. […]

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Jun 06 2007

Hydrate Healthy

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As warm weather approaches (for many of us….. it is already here!), it is time to put an even bigger focus on our water drinking. Unless we are on a fluid restriction because of a medical condition, the Institute of Medicine suggests that men need at least 13 cups of water a day and women […]

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