Dec 01 2009

Week Three: How to Find Extra Time During the Holidays

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How did you do over the Thanksgiving weekend? Take time to weigh in. If you had not done as well as you had hoped, just remember that there are a lot more weeks that you can be successful.

The holidays can put extra stress in our routine because we add more to do. Lack of time can make healthy eating a challenge. Many of us are tempted to go through the drive-thru. Have you ever noticed the longer lines in the drive-thru and the food courts at the mall during the holidays and have told yourself, “I don’t have time to wait in that line!”. You might try packing a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit to eat on the run. This can save time, money and calories. Here are also some tips that you can use to make healthy fast food choices that my friend Marcie has shared with me:

Here are some other time-saving ideas for the busy holiday season:

1. Make a list and plan menus. Pick one day a week convenient for you to shop.

2. Stock your pantry and freezer when things go on sale if you will need them in the near future.

3. Use one day over the weekend to do food preparation for the week by chopping, making sauces and cooking/freezing certain foods ahead of time.

4. How many times have you wished that someone would have your supper made for you when you get home? Try these great “Slow Cooker Recipes” at:

Sorry to have missed Week 2 of your holiday eating challenge, my father died on November 20 and I was out of town without my computer and not thinking about the blog!

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