Jul 12 2012

Welcome to Earthly Edibles

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After a long break from my blog, I am now ready to start up the keyboard again! Summer is always an inspirational time for me to write about seasonal fruits and vegetables. Every year, one plant family seems to outshine the others in my garden. Last year, with a dry hot summer, there was an abundance of tomatillos so I made green enchilada sauce and at the same time we had a bumper crop of habaneros which my husband made a green, very hot sauce. (Take my advice, do not get these mixed up when you make enchiladas. I learned this by accident). This year the cream of the crop seems to be raspberries, since I finally learned how to prune them correctly. Trying a new variety of plants is also exciting and this year, I started several new types of tomato seeds and plants. With heirlooms varieties, you may also get some volunteer tomatoes from the year before as an added surprise! If you do not have your own garden this year, be sure to stop by your local farmer’s market. To find one in your area, try www.farmersmarket.com

Enjoy the season and stay tuned!

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