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Dec 08 2014

Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge Week 4: Snacking Your Way to a Healthy Holiday

How have you been doing on the holiday challenge so far? If it has been challenging, keep working at it. For most of us, the holiday season is a time of snacking. Eating snacks is not such a bad thing  unless it is too much of a good thing. What you choose and how much […]

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Oct 13 2014


I wanted to share a few pictures of Farm Fresh Nutrition’s book release celebration! We had great food and guests. I wanted to share the recipes that we had on Saturday. Most of these are not from the book so you can have even more local food recipes! All the food was grown locally with […]

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Jul 09 2014

Local Food Menu and Farm Tour Fun

We had a wonderful time at our garden party and farm tour at First Blossom Farm with Veronica and Garrett! I have been delayed sharing our menu and update you on the event. Veronica took everyone on a tour of the farm which looked absolutely beautiful in the early evening before the sun went down. […]

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Dec 30 2013

Health Concepts Nutrition Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge Week Seven: Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

     The New Year is almost here! If you have been working towards the holiday weight challenge, how have you been doing? If you have not taken part, consider weighing in on January 1st or 2nd and determine if there is change that you want to work towards. I wanted to share a few things […]

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Dec 02 2013

Health Concepts Nutrition Holiday Challenge Week Three: Surviving the Holiday Party!

You made it through Thanksgiving and only five weeks until the new year. Today is the day to recommit to your holiday weight maintenance goal. You have heard when the “going gets tough, the tough get going”. Now is the time to get tough. The parties begin in the weeks ahead. If you are a […]

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Dec 15 2008

Holiday Brunch, Lunch or Dinner: Fix It and Forget It!

How did you do this week on maintaining your weight? Writing down what I eat over the past week has been a challenge for me but I have still been eating smaller portions and being more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. This week for many of us, the holiday intensity is […]

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Dec 01 2008

Holiday Survival Healthy Eating Challenge: Healthy Holiday Party Appetizer Ideas

Are you ready for Week 4 of the Healthy Holiday Eating Challenge? How did you do during your Thanksgiving Celebration? Did you feel that you were more aware of your choices? If you ate more than you had hoped, you still have many days that you can make healthful eating choices during this holiday season. […]

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Jan 22 2008

Healthy Super Bowl Snacking

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Now that most of us have taken a small break from the holiday eating, it is now time to think about what to serve at the “Super Bowl Party. If weather permits, I think that I will skip it and hike in the mountains. That way I will get my exercise and remove the temptation […]

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Nov 28 2007

Healthy Appetizer Ideas

I love the excitement of a holiday party. Everyone is in a festive mood. Ladies in a little sparkling garb and guys in a itchy wool sweater. There are also holiday appetizers that are available only this time of year. The more parties that you visit, the more of these appetizers you will eat. Here […]

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