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Mar 05 2015

Great Beginnings: Getting Back to Your Roots! Eat Your Sweet Potatoes

The past two weeks, I have been sharing new ideas for quick and easy breakfasts ! I have a few more more that will share before spring is in full swing but with planting season coming, I wanted to share with you some root vegetables that are easy to grow and tasty ways to eat […]

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Feb 11 2015

Season of Love: History and Health Benefits of Chocolate

Does Chocolate Make the Heart Grow Fonder? Chocolate comes from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree, Theobroma cacao. The word theobroma is translated as the food of gods. Chocolate was used by the Aztec Indians to make a beverage which was believed to have restorative properties and it was used in religious ceremonies. Europeans […]

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Feb 10 2015

Season of Love: Tiny, Rich Chocolate Cake

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Valentine’s Day is at my house is a pretty hectic time of the year, it is right between my husband and son’s birthdays. I feel pressed to be creative and thoughtful in a short amount of time. Over the weekend, I made a new little cake recipe that I wanted to share with you. Since […]

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Feb 04 2015

Season of Love: Healthy Chocolate Treats

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    Some special guests stopped by the house today and we decided to make some Valentine treats. My guests decided that it would be fun to make the typical treats a little healthy! They absolutely love fruit so we picked up some dried apples, figs, dates, apricots and semi-sweet dark and white chocolate. We […]

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Nov 05 2014

Locavore Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving plans have been in the works, whether its traveling far or near to friends or  family, making dinner reservations or planning the menu at home. Thanksgiving was designed around the bounty of the season so it is easy to plan a meal based on what is grown where you live. Depending on the availability […]

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Dec 18 2013

Week Five Health Concepts Holiday Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge: Healthy Holiday Sweets

We are now at Week Five with just a few more weeks to go. You can do it! I have to confess, I love handmade holiday desserts. Last year I told myself that I would stop making holiday cookies for family and friends when someone very special to me said how much she loved the […]

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Dec 02 2013

Health Concepts Nutrition Holiday Challenge Week Three: Surviving the Holiday Party!

You made it through Thanksgiving and only five weeks until the new year. Today is the day to recommit to your holiday weight maintenance goal. You have heard when the “going gets tough, the tough get going”. Now is the time to get tough. The parties begin in the weeks ahead. If you are a […]

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Nov 20 2013

Health Concepts Holiday Challenge Week One

I can’t believe that next week is already Thanksgiving! Now is the time to plan ahead to make our menus and start our shopping or decide where we are going to eat. Thinking ahead about what you are going to eat and how big a portion you will eat can be a great strategy to […]

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Oct 30 2013

Eating Local at the Apple Orchard

I took some time off from writing the past few weeks but I wanted to share with you the wonderful time that I had at Justus Orchard when I volunteered with ASAP’s annual farm tour. This beautiful place is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Hendersonville. Once you get there, be prepared […]

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Jul 04 2013

Fourth of July Celebration Using Local Fruits and Veggies!

I need a road map to plan my week. I use my work schedule to plan what days I need quick meals or to make something ahead of time. I love this time of year because of all the local veggies and my menus revolve around these seasonal foods. This week includes a veggie pizza […]

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