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Jan 09 2015

Happy New Year! Eat More Local Food to Improve Your Health!

January is the time of year we set goals to help achieve weight loss, mange a better blood sugar, reach better blood lipid or high blood pressure levels. Healthy eating also lower the risk of cancer, reduce uncomfortable GI symptoms and much, much more. Most of us are not patient when it comes to lasting […]

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Sep 21 2014

Squash Season Means Healthy Season

I wanted to share a few pictures of the squash available at Flying Cloud Farm and some other varieties that I picked up from Mountain Harvest Organics The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler and now there is an abundance of fall squash at the farmers markets and there are […]

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Dec 30 2013

Health Concepts Nutrition Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge Week Seven: Have a Happy Healthy New Year!

     The New Year is almost here! If you have been working towards the holiday weight challenge, how have you been doing? If you have not taken part, consider weighing in on January 1st or 2nd and determine if there is change that you want to work towards. I wanted to share a few things […]

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Jul 04 2013

Fourth of July Celebration Using Local Fruits and Veggies!

I need a road map to plan my week. I use my work schedule to plan what days I need quick meals or to make something ahead of time. I love this time of year because of all the local veggies and my menus revolve around these seasonal foods. This week includes a veggie pizza […]

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Jul 31 2012

Good to Grow – Celery

By Nicole Martinez – Guest Blogger & Student of Nutrition & Dietetics at Western Carolina University There are some foods I do not eat. Not because I don’t like them or my grocery store does not carry them, but because they contain high levels of pesticide residue. You may have heard of the “dirty dozen” […]

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Dec 15 2008

Holiday Brunch, Lunch or Dinner: Fix It and Forget It!

How did you do this week on maintaining your weight? Writing down what I eat over the past week has been a challenge for me but I have still been eating smaller portions and being more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. This week for many of us, the holiday intensity is […]

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Nov 17 2008

Week 2: Holiday Survival Eating Challenge: Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

If you started the Holiday Challenge on November 10th, record your weight for Week 2. Did you use the or another method to write what you ate and reduce the amount 100-200 calories each day? Sometimes this is challenging to do! Some steps that have worked for me to prevent hunger include lots of […]

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Jul 17 2008

Light Up the Grill with Summer Ideas

For many people the barbeque grill is not the same without a serving of meat. Choices should be lean, such as sirloin, pork loin, loin chops, chicken or fish. To lower saturated fat, take off the skin from poultry even after grilling and trim off visible fat. Try fish in a foil packet, this prevents […]

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Mar 07 2008

Happy National Nutrition Month

I am helping coordinate a program called 31 Days of Nutrition in honor of National Nutrition Month for our local dietetic association (Western North Carolina Dietetic Association). Together, we are trying to teach a class 31 days to area elementary schools on nutrition and local foods. Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project (ASAP) is partnering with […]

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Sep 24 2007

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Last spring our neighbor shared some vegetable seeds to use in our garden. This included some butternut squash seeds. About a week ago we harvested our only one and I look forward to making a delicious and healthy soup with it that I have included below. To me, this soup really says autumn. The soup […]

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