Feb 24 2015

Great Beginnings: Try Some Breakfast Bean Cakes!

Getting creative in the kitchen is all about learning the rules and then developing a sense of when and how to break them. In our North American culture, breakfast foods are perhaps the most entrenched in traditional habits (A waffle is a waffle is a waffle). Thus breakfast lends itself well to some rule breaking innovation.

It seems weird to most of us that Brits and Northeasterners keep baked beans as a staple on their breakfast plate. But why not beans for breakfast? Other than the flatulent consequences — which by the way can be neutralized by, counterintuitively, eating beans more often — there’s nothing stopping us from making beans a delicious addition to breakfast here across the pond.

Bean patties are a quick vegetarian source of protein and is an alternative to sausage. Any beans and flavor variations will do. We had garbanzo beans in our pantry this week so I used this as a starting point and ended up with the following:

Rosemary Garbanzo Breakfast Patties

makes 8

2 15 oz cans garbanzo beans
1 yellow onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2-3 TB olive oil
2 TB fresh or dried rosemary, coarsley chopped
2 TB course ground mustard, Lusty Monk Mustard is local here
1/2 cup all purpose flour
Salt and pepper

– Bring a large pan to medium heat. Pour in 1 TB of olive oil, swirl around to cover pan. Let oil heat for a few seconds.
– Add onion, then garlic and stir. Salt and pepper to taste. Saute until onions are translucent, about 5 minutes.
– Drain and rinse garbanzo beans in a colander. Pour beans into a large bowl and mash with a potato masher. A few beans left whole is fine.
– Add onion mixture, rosemary, mustard, salt and pepper and stir.
– Gradually add flour while stirring until a thick doughy consistency is attained.
– Bring pan to medium high heat and add another TB of olive oil.
– Pat dough into balls, roughly 2 inches across.
– Place balls in pan a few at a time and squash with spatula. Cook each patty 3-5 minutes a side until crispy brown, adding a touch more oil if needed.

bean cakes

I served these up with eggs, feta and fresh cut fruit. You can pair bean patties with just about anything you’d have with sausage patties at breakfast. Try using different beans, herbs and spices, and flour types to create your own breakfast bean patties. You can also use these bean patties for an easy healthy dinner recipe. Have your own beans for breakfast creation? Please share in comments and stay tuned for more hearty breakfast in the next few weeks!

Noah Barratt

Contributing Writer

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Feb 23 2015

Great Beginnings: Spring is Coming! Sprout Some Seeds!

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If you live in the eastern part of the US and the Midwest, you might feel that winter will never end. However, we are actually just a few weeks until spring officially starts and less than 8 weeks that most of us to be out of the danger of having frost! While you are waiting, make the most of your time by sowing some seeds to transplant for the spring. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing the time to start some of these seeds to grow some local produce and plant some in our little urban garden in West Asheville. I am starting my summer vegetables that need a little time to grow before its time to transplant them in mid-May. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are what we think about in the height of summer but it is winter when we think the cold and dark will never end that we bring them to life.


I purchased these seeds from our local Sow True Seed Store www.sowtrueseed.com which is in downtown Asheville. My tomato collection includes the Cherokee Purple, a native to WNC, Arkansas Traveler (in honor of my Ozark roots), and the Amish paste for a little sauce. I selected the Long Purple eggplant and the Big Red and Orange King sweet peppers. I will plant some basil even though I already have it coming from my spring garden. I do not start hot peppers but my husband will get lots and lots of bedding plants from the tailgate market. I do not do hot.

In years past, my tomatillos grow like weeds and reseeded themselves but past summer, we had a very sad crop so I am sowing a few of these also. I am planting both the purple and green varieties.

You may wonder, why do you need to start these inside, can’t you plant straight into the ground?

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatillos cannot take the cold and frost and cannot go into the ground until around Mother’s Day (even longer depending on where you live).  However, you cannot put these seeds directly into the garden in May because these seeds take a long time to grow into mature plants and before you would start bearing fruit, it would be cold and frost again.

To start your seeds, you will need a tray and some little peat pots or cell packs. The nice thing with the peat pots is that you can directly transplant into the garden. I have a lot of cell packs so that is what I am going to use. If you are re-using the cell packs, rinse them in warm water to clean any bacteria from these from the previous year to prevent disease. Fill your little containers with good seed starting soil.


For my choice, I walked across the street from Sow True Seeds to Fifth Season Gardening http://fifthseasongardening.com/ and picked up a bag, they also have the trays, seed packs and other things that you will need and they sell Sow True Seeds as well as Southern Exposure Seed Exchange http://www.southernexposure.com/which is also a great small company that focuses on heirloom, open pollinated varieties.


Baker’s Seeds http://www.rareseeds.com/ which started in the Ozarks where I grew up also has a lot of great varieties.


A new company that I just became acquainted with is Common Wealth Seed Growers http://commonwealthseeds.com/ .


They are saving some great varieties. Heirloom seeds are our heritage varieties, most vegetables that you get from the big box stores are a limited variety and for the most part are not heirloom or organic. So if you purchase plants instead of starting seeds, look for a local farmer or nursery that has heirloom varieties. Many of these heritage plants are at risk of becoming extinct and if we don’t eat them, we will lose them. Another important reason to eat heirloom seeds is that they provide more genetic and nutritional diversity in our diet. Many of the vegetables that we get at the grocery store are uniform and that is because the stores purchase the ones that have grown from from varieties that ship well and look just right not the ones that have the most nutrition or taste the best. You can find out more about the nutritional differences in my book, Farm Fresh Nutrition.

After you select your seeds, get your soil, cell pack and trays, it is time to find a sunny window to plant your little seeds. I always put a trash bag down, then an old cookie sheet and then my plastic tray, then my cell pack. I make a little layer. I have had a few accidents getting my wood floor damp and damaged it. Luckily, I have not ruined my great-grandma’s table!

Put a little dirt in each cell and get it wet. Then read how deep to plant each variety of seeds. Most of the vegetables that I planted today went in a 1/4 inch deep. Mark it well with some masking tape or plant tags so you will remember which plant is which. A small watering can can come in handy to wet the soil lightly.


Take a peek every day and use a spray bottle to make sure that each one of the seeds is slightly damp so it can sprout. Sometimes I do a little watering from the bottom and if you do water the top of the soil, be very careful not to totally drown your little seedlings. Each variety of plant will take a different time to pop up so don’t give up. If you use a good brand of seeds and soil along with making sure that they stay a little damp, they will come up so don’t give up!

Keep watering them and make sure that they have sun and make that the temperature in your house is above freezing! (Don’t leave town without the heat). You may have to rearrange the little packs of seedlings so they don’t get too leggy and if you don’t have enough sun, you may need a little grow light. These little seedlings will need to be “toughened” (exposed to the outdoors) before they can be transplanted. We will save that topic when we get to it in April.  If you want to grow your own little sprouts:

1. Get some heirloom seeds.

2. Get some cell packs, trays, spray bottle, old cookie sheet and trash bag.

3. Get some good soil.

4. Get planting!

5. Keep up with them. If you neglect them, they will die.  If you leave town, you need to see if someone can make sure that they stay damp but not soaked.

Happy Planting! Let me know what you planted and how it is going! Stay tuned in late April when we “toughen up” our plants. Better yet, stay tuned for more Great Beginnings here on the blog because I will be sharing some more tasty breakfast ideas and we will also start talking about root vegetables. I will also be planting some other vegetables in the next several weeks and digging up the garden. Please share this seed starting blog with your friends so they can start their edible plants too!




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Feb 18 2015

Great Beginnings: Getting Back to Your Roots-Breakfast Egg Tacos

Two of my favorite breakfast foods include Mexican food and eggs. A combination of the two is even better! I love breakfast burritos, tostadas, frittatas, huevos rancheros and egg tacos and make a quick healthy meal. All of these combinations have the flexibility of being vegetarian meal or not. I find that the biggest meat eaters won’t miss the meat when these egg tacos with fixins are served. Breakfast with a Mexican theme also tends to be rich in fresh fruits, veggies and herbs with salsas, sauteed veggies, cilantro and other toppings like tomatoes,avocados, lettuce, red cabbage and apples. They also taste fantastic topped with a little shredded cheese. For my reader who don’t eat animal products, all of these treats can be prepared with tempeh, seitan or tofu. Over the weekend I made a Southwestern tofu scramble from Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Cafe  http://www.molliekatzen.com/books_sunlight.php  She also has a great tempeh scramble in there too! I will also be sharing some great recipes with tempeh and seitan in my upcoming breakfast posts this month and next.

Best of all, Mexican breakfasts can be an economical choice and are so easy to fix. These tacos can be a quick week day breakfast or dressed up to make a festive weekend brunch. It is an easy way to measure food portions with light eaters eating one egg and one tortilla with fruit and veggie fixins and more hearty eaters eating two eggs and two tortillas and eating a little more of the fixin’s. If you are wanting to know what to cook for dinner, a Mexican breakfast can make a tasty and quick one!

When purchasing your eggs, look in your community to see if you have a local farmer instead of buying eggs from a factory farm. Besides the chickens laying your eggs being happier and healthier, the eggs are also more nutritious because they have 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E, and  7 times more beta carotene. http://www.motherearthnews.com/homesteading-and-livestock/eggs-zl0z0703zswa.aspx



taco meal

Above are egg tacos with onion, salsa, cilantro and cheese served with apple and lettuce.

Egg Tacos

4 corn tortillas

4 eggs

1/4-1/2 cup veggies of your choice such as chopped onions, green peppers and mushrooms

2-3 ounces of protein if desired, of your choice of sausage, bacon, tofu, tempeh or seitan if desired

1 tablespoon olive oil

Toppings such as onions, cilantro, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, chopped bell pepper, ect.

Shredded cheese 1/4 cup

Heat oven to 425 degrees. Place corn torillas on a cookie sheet and brush both sides with 2 teaspoons of oil and bake for 5 minutes on each side. Heat 1 teaspoon oil in skillet and add vegetables. Saute them until they are soft. While the veggies are cooking in a small bowl, beat eggs and add salt and pepper. Add eggs and lightly scramble. Place 1 or 2 tortillas on a plate and add eggs. On top of egg and tortillas, add toppings of your choice, salsa and cheese.

Chalupa meal

                                          This same meal takes on a whole new look served open with a side of sweet potatoes from my blog post http://healthconceptsnutrition.com/blog/2015/02/great-beginnings-getting-back-to-your-roots/

I hope that the breakfast ideas and recipes this week have inspired you to make some new and delicious things that are also healthy! Stay tuned, there will be more fresh ideas to come! Please share my blog with others! I also have some more ideas in my new book  http://localfoodnutrition.com/publications.htmlMy e-mail channel is coming in the next couple of weeks. I would love for you to sign up and get posts. I have some great video topics to share coming soon! Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing again soon!


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Feb 17 2015

Breakfast for the Rest of Us!

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Like they always say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Whether that’s true, and exactly who “they” are, I’m not sure, but it makes sense. Starting out with a good breakfast can boost you into the day ahead, while going around with an empty tank begins your day with distraction and discomfort. In our household, with two small kids who need to make it to preschool with something in their tummies (not to mention the dogs and cats who are always ready for breakfast too), it’s easy for me to skip eating in the morning. Finding something to eat amidst the race to get out the door often seems too time- and attention-consuming. Here are some quick and delicious solutions my wife and I have come up with to be sure to feed ourselves breakfast along with feeding everyone else. In these busy times, breakfast meal planning may take a back seat.


On those extra rushed mornings, a well-stocked fruit bowl is your best friend and I try to stock it with local produce when available. Grab the piece of fruit that catches your eye, a handful of nuts and you’re on your way. When things are not quite so hectic, look to the minimal preparation of spreading nut butter. You can put nut butter straight on your fruit or spread it on some tasty bread. On a good day, I’m even able to pop a slice of bread in the toaster. Ah, luxury.


If you have more time still, cook up some grains on the stove. Oatmeal is of course the champ in this arena but there are other healthful options too, like quinoa, flax and buckwheat. Grains cook up fast and serve as a canvas for whatever flavors you care to paint them with. I like to throw in some seasonal berries and “sweet” seasonings like cinnamon and vanilla.

Finally, when Saturday morning rolls around, our family loves a hash. The great thing about breakfast hash is you can throw in anything you have around the kitchen. Veggies, eggs, meat, vegetarian sources of protein like beans, cheese — you can’t go wrong. Get out the hot sauce and it’s a feast.

I hope these ideas get your inspiration flowing and you make morning the time to begin eating well. Have some breakfast favorites? Share them in the comments section below! Sign up for the Fresh Off the Vine Newsletter for more eating inspiration and please share some of these ideas with your friends!

Noah Barratt

Contributing Writer


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Feb 16 2015

Great Beginnings: Getting Back to Your Roots

It is cold and dreary outside but it’s not too early to think about warmer weather, flowers, fresh fruit and veggies from the garden and local farmers markets. While you are counting down the days and weeks until spring, its time for some Great Beginnings: Getting Back to Our Roots. This includes:

1. shaping up for spring time with some delicious breakfast ideas

2. talking about root vegetables that can be started in the garden or patio pot very soon

3. starting some seeds in the house to transplant in May!

If these topics appeal to you, stay tuned right here!

sweet potatoes

 I will be sharing some of my favorite breakfast recipes which are easy to make and healthy that include cooked quinoa, a tempeh bacon sandwich, egg tacos and several other quick healthy meal ideas. I also will be sharing the great benefits of root vegetables for your health and will include some new, flavorful ways to get these in your diet. And last but not least, I will be starting some seeds and showing you the steps to make your home not just your castle but also your green house!

In the next week or so, I will be debuting my Vine Ripe Nutrition You Tube Channel which includes videos showing you how to make some of my favorite recipes and also gardening and shopping tips. I also will interview some wonderful people connected with local food and health. I would love for you to join me as I try to make it fun and informative! Stay tuned for me details coming soon! Please also let your friends know about it too because it takes quite a few of us to make a party.

If you have been keeping up with the little sprouts in my kitchen window, they have been growing up in the past few weeks The basil, cilantro and parsley will be added to some of my creations in the kitchen.

little herbs

Thank you for reading my blog and letting me be one of your resources for relevant and reliable nutrition information! I want to share with you the recipe for the sweet potatoes on the poster below! It is quick, healthy and easy plus it will pair up well with a quick breakfast or lunch recipe!

Roasted Sweet Potato Home Fries

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes (if you have organic potatoes you don’t have to peel them. I prepare 1/2-1 small sweet potato per person. Toss with about 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and seasonings. I love to use ground pepper, thyme and a sprinkle of salt but there are a lot of great combos that make taste wonderful! You can experiment with your favorites. Bake about 15 minutes on a cookie sheet. Turning about every 5 minutes. You can make the rest of your meal while these potatoes are cooking. You can top them with a little red onion, fresh herbs or other condiments. As you can see, they add a nice touch of color to a winter meal! Stop by again soon to see what I am cooking! Join my newsletter to keep up with some of the other exciting things that I am doing also.


Great Beginnings collage

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Feb 11 2015

Season of Love: History and Health Benefits of Chocolate

Does Chocolate Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Chocolate comes from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree, Theobroma cacao. The word theobroma is translated as the food of gods. Chocolate was used by the Aztec Indians to make a beverage which was believed to have restorative properties and it was used in religious ceremonies. Europeans took the bitter chocolate back to their homeland and added milk and sugar which is the way most of us love so much today.

Why do we love chocolate so much? Is it the taste and texture or does it go deeper than that? Eating chocolate for many of us may actually eat it because it provides a feeling of euphoria. This euphoria may be due to a chemical in chocolate called phylethyalamine (PEA). This chemical further releases the brain chemical dopamine, is associated with the pleasure part of the brain.

Over the past several years the health benefits of chocolate has been well researched . Chocolate contains health promoting plant chemicals called polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidant-like substances in food that may provide benefits to our heart. The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more polyphenols the chocolate contains.  In addition, Chocolate has magnesium, copper, potassium, and manganese. It is one of the biggest contributors of copper in the American diet!

Chocolate contains a caffeine like chemical called theobromine which may keep some of us up at night. The cocoa butter in chocolate is very high in fat and much of it from the polyunsaturated oleic acid which is a more healthful type of fat and stearic acid, a saturated fat which has been shown to have a neutral effect on our blood cholesterol. The high sugar content too much chocolate desserts and candies can be a contributor to excess calories. Sugar can also elevate blood sugar in people with diabetes. Eaten in moderation, chocolate can be a healthy part of our diet.

If you wanted to choose chocolate with lower fat content, cocoa powder is made by separating cocoa butter from the rest of the chocolate with an alkali. The result is the chocolate taste without the fat! This product can be made into many delicious desserts and beverages.

Mole is a savory, chocolate sauce that can be added to tempeh, seitan, tofu, chicken or vegetables. There are a lot of individual variations that you can use to create a mole sauce. This simple base gives you a starting point and you can add your own unique touches!





Try my mini chocolate cake, our chocolate dipped fruit or another favorite way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Sign up for my newsletter for some early spring recipe ideas and to keep in touch with what is happening!




Stay tuned for a fun new topic next week: Great Beginnings: Getting Back to Our Roots sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss a post!




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Feb 10 2015

Season of Love: Tiny, Rich Chocolate Cake

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Valentine’s Day is at my house is a pretty hectic time of the year, it is right between my husband and son’s birthdays. I feel pressed to be creative and thoughtful in a short amount of time. Over the weekend, I made a new little cake recipe that I wanted to share with you. Since it is usually just my husband and I for dinner, I don’t need to make a 9 or 10 inch cake for us to eat to have around the house. I am usually the one who ends up eating it, so I invested in a little, six inch spring form pan that serves about 4-6 servings. That way we can have one dessert now and one later or share it with more people and have even smaller portions. That worked well when we had 5 adults and 2 children over the weekend. Using high quality ingredients and serving small portions is one of the best ways to have something very tasty and not impact your health goals. The cake is full of healthy ingredients like ground almonds, dates and dark chocolate.

Almond Date Chocolate Cake

6 ounces chopped dates

1/4 cup butter

6 ounces dark chocolate

1 tablespoon maple syrup

2 eggs beaten

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup ground almonds

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Nutella spread

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 6 inch spring form pan. Grind almonds in a food processor. Place butter, dark chocolate, chopped dates and maple syrup in a sauce pan and cook on low heat until butter and chocolate are melted and dates are dissolved. Add almonds and vanilla extract. Place cake batter into cake pan. Bake about 30 minutes until the top of the cake springs bake slightly and a tooth pick comes out clean from the middle of the cake. Take out of the oven and loosen sides of cake from pan. Allow to cook almost completely and then take it out of pan and add to a cake plate. After cooled ice the top with a little Nutella.


This cake tastes rich and its made from whole ingredients. I topped mine with a few of the French Broad truffles so all my guests had a chance to share in the love! If you look carefully, you can see how each truffle is decorated uniquely.

And lucky for me, my granddaughter was feeling creative and wanted to cut out Valentine’s & tape them all over my house for decorations! Here are just a few!


Sign up for my newsletter and keep up with what’s cooking on my blog! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember it originated as a holiday between friends!



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Feb 06 2015

Season of Love: Get Romantic with Chocolate

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In 2007, my husband and I attended LAFF https://www.facebook.com/lexfest which is a local art and music festival in downtown Asheville and we met a young man who was selling some incredible chocolate truffles that he and his wife made in their certified kitchen. The creative combinations and high quality chocolate taste made my heart flutter! We talked about how one flavorful treat can be savored and leave us satisfied when it tastes good and we can be mindful of it. They began to sell their chocolates at Earth Fare https://www.earthfare.com/ and then in 2008, they opened the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. This destination was an incredible sunny spot for people to gather and enjoy their chocolate, baked goods, chocolate truffles, beer, wine and much more.


In 2012, they opened a chocolate factory which I have had the opportunity to take a tour and have a taste of some chocolate that they made right there. The popularity of the chocolate lounge has grown so much so in late 2014, they moved to a bigger location. In addition to the relaxing lounge, they now have an additional retail shop attached where they have a huge chocolate library with a variety of chocolate from around the world, hand crafted ice cream and all sorts of truffles to box up to take home.


My friend Inger, who now lives in England said on a visit to the lounge “I think that there should be a proclamation that all the residents of Asheville have some French Broad Chocolate every day so they will be happy and all get along!” This was the first but certainly not the last time that she came to visit from Atlanta and the chocolate lounge was always on her list!




If you want a special treat for Valentine’s Day, stop by or order a box of chocolates online. However, February is the last day for online orders to be shipped on time. There are several specialty boxes available. Since it is Valentine’s Day, I decided to purchase the Aphrodisiac Collection because two of their truffles include the Indian Kulfi Truffle which has a touch of cardamon and milk chocolate and the Cosmic Love Potion Truffle which contains some white chocolate and rose petals. These are two of my favorites although I have never met one of their truffles that I did not love. In addition to an exceptional chocolate and creative combinations another thing that Jael and Dan make sure happens with their company is only using ethical sourced ingredients for all their items. So you can indulge with peace of mind! Savor your chocolate! Make the few that you eat count!


Don’t forget to sign up for Fresh Off the Vine newsletter for seasonal recipes, added tidbits, fun & more!



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Feb 04 2015

Season of Love: Healthy Chocolate Treats

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Some special guests stopped by the house today and we decided to make some Valentine treats. My guests decided that it would be fun to make the typical treats a little healthy! They absolutely love fruit so we picked up some dried apples, figs, dates, apricots and semi-sweet dark and white chocolate. We carefully melted the semi-sweet dark chocolate and dipped the fruit in it. Try this quick recipe at home with some of your friends but be prepared to get messy and have a lot of fun! My guests neatly dipped the chocolate but somehow we all ended up with a little chocolate on us!+


Here are the two helpers dipping all the fruits in the chocolate!

Making Valentine Treats


Dipping fruit in chocolate


Making fruit candy

Making fruit candy

After we dipped the fruit, we allowed it to cool and then melted some white chocolate to drizzle over the top. After that we let the white chocolate cool, it was time to take a taste test! It definitely passed the kid and adult test! We decided since our candies contained the health benefits of dried fruit and chocolate that we should try a few. After that, we packed them up in a mason jar for a special Valentine treat for some of our beloved family members. We hope that they enjoy it as much as us! Below is our cookie sheet cooling with our chocolate dipped fruit.

chocolate dipped in fruit


Seriously, chocolate dipped fruit is an elegant treat. When I bought the ingredients for our treats, I saw some chocolate dipped figs for sale that were much more costly than what it cost to dip our figs. I know that the store bought ones were not as fun and tasty to make as ours.

Chocolate fruit in mason jar

The apples and the figs are fruit that are grown locally here in Western North Carolina and can be dried in a dehydrator. I love to cook with children and teach them where their food comes from. Making an elegant treat with whole ingredients and eating it mindfully to appreciate it is a lesson that will stay with children for the rest of their lives. Make these treats with your favorite friends. This sweet is simple, tasty and healthy! Enjoy!





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Feb 04 2015

Season of Love: Nurture Yourself!

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I love the idea of nurture ourselves to promote health& wellness. It can be on of the best forms of self care. Loving ourselves is an important part of living well. The word nutrition comes from the word nurture. How many times have each of us popped something in our mouths when we were in need of rest, stress-management, or lifting our mood? I realize that food may always be a part in nurturing our selves. Most of us grew up where we were treated to a special treat when we needed it! However, I would love everyone to start thinking of alternative nurturing ways to soothe and love ourselves. Sometimes one of these new nurturing treats may be more effective in taking care of ourselves than the usual food item.

Dr. Susan Albers has written a book called 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, she suggests making a self-nurturing emergency box to use when we need a little comfort and joy. I wanted to share a picture of my box contains a knitting project, a good book or magazine, a great smelling candle to light, a citrus hand lotion, a soft pair of slippers and a small box of special tea.

Make your own self-nurturing box when the going gets tough.

Make your own self-nurturing box when the going gets tough.

You can find out more about her wonderful book at http://eatingmindfully.com/book/eating-mindfully-2/

I know that your box might look a lot different than my box. What you love and what makes you feel good could look a little different than my box. You might think that you don’t even have time to put together a box or even take time for yourself to have a mini time for yourself. I challenge you to take 5 or 10 minutes every day to do it several times a week whether you feel you need it or not. I think that you will feel nourished and rejuvenated! Would love to hear from you to find out what things that you would have in your box and please share this post with others so they can find these ideas to help them feel their best!


Look forward to sharing more soon!


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